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Earnest Page Five November 30, 2010


Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Not even those witty claims to fan art and comic books that fanfiction writers make before their individual chapters. One of these panels fit so well I changed absolutely nothing. You can probably tell.

Again, feedback makes me happier than a fat person with cake surrounded by golden retriever puppies.


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12 Responses to “Earnest Page Five”

  1. Jon Durden Says:

    Towards the middle parts of the images aren’t loading. Other than that this is pretty cool! I wanna see some XKCD!!!!

    • Do you think maybe it’s your computer? They load ok for me. But if it continues to be an issue I could try to reformat it. Thanks for the compliments! But the xkcd thing is literally one thing. I feel like I need to downgrade your expectations.

  2. Jon Durden Says:

    HAL seems to be loading them just fine. I’m working my way up to the XKCD strip now. 😀

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