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Earnest Page Eight December 4, 2010

Jon, finally you have your XKCD moment. It’s really more of a cameo, taken from the Swine flu strip. At this point in my project, I had like three more days, eye strain, and the rest of Act III to get through. So this is technically a cop out, but my teacher said she enjoyed the change of scenery. I hope you do as well.


Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

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Note: I just remember that the author of Questionable Content maintains fictional twitter feeds for his characters. Totally a coincidence but a pretty cool one.

Remember that feedback equals magic.



8 Responses to “Earnest Page Eight”

  1. Jon Durden Says:

    I really ought to read the original story. This is pretty great! One thing, and this is incredibly nit-picky, but technically if this conversation really took place on twitter it would be read backwards like a blog feed. This would have been a great way to force your readers to read from the bottom to the top. 😉

    It doesn’t really matter though, it’s still pretty cool how you used the comic to adapt the medium.

    • Thanks for mentioning! I probably won’t go back and change it, but I knew when I wrote this that I didn’t really know anything about how twitter works. But it’s good to know because I’ve been kind of considering trying to adapt more plays. Maybe with Questionable Content, maybe with XKCD, maybe with other comics. Ya know, because I have soooo much free time on my hands.

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