Pages of Dianchi

Splashes of Creativity from a Fantasy World

About June 14, 2010

Welcome! You are here because:

a) you are a close, personal friend of mine and feel obligated to read something so that when I mention my blog, you can say, “oh yeah, I’ve seen it!” and then change the subject. I love you anyways.

b) you have very poor mouse handling abilities and accidentally clicked on the link. If so, why not read a little before hitting the back button?

c) you spend your days randomly surfing the internet, randomly reading different pages. Fate has brought you here and you should stay.

d) you like my work and cannot get enough. My blog is as important to you as breathing and cottage cheese crackers….

So, if you read this far, it’s because your mind would not let you rest until that one question had been answered. It burned at your soul and ate into your sleep schedule, never to rest until the query had quieted. You can’t even enjoy a quiet meal of cottage cheese crackers without thinking about it. What is Dianchi?

Very simply, Dianchi is my world. I started seriously writing when I was 13 and though I’ve never tried to get published, I’ve also never stopped writing. Especially about Dianchi. It’s my Narnia, my Hogwarts, my Middle Earth, my (oh god) Forks, Washington. It’s filled with magical aliens that look a lot like humans and cause well-intentioned chaos wherever they go. One day, I would love for the world to hear to the story that I have been writing since 8th grade, but for now, it just keeps me sane enough to study for the next Bio exam.

So I started this blog to practice my writing skills, to publish some work, to feel as though I have a fighting chance at one day becoming a published author. The actual Dianchi Chronicles probably won’t appear here, but rather little shorts and spurts that come from this crazy universe of mine. There might even be some poetry. I welcome any and all feedback and support the dreams of all other aspiring writers such as myself. We have chosen the one career path that cannot be made into a reality show competition.

P.S. In Authorian, the semi-language of Dianchi, Dianchi means ‘Kingdom of balance’. It’s a promised land for the characters. In real life, Dianchi appears to be a lake in China, meaning ‘Lake of the Shinning Pearl’. For what it’s worth, I did not know it was a real word when I started writing. It just came to me in the shower.


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